Friday, 20 November 2009

Dead parrot sketch

Spent Sunday in the presence of Gwillym Hughes letting a few of us into his tying secrets.
Tells a tale quite well does Gwillym, and this fly came from his tales about a welsh team captain who keeps parrots. This pattern accounted for 57 Dee grayling in an afternoons fishing

Dead easy to tie. Take one discarded Macaw feather, in this case blue and red. Pinch out two biots, using the tips as a tail, wind just short of the eye. Catch in 5/6 natural cdc plumes, making sure tips are aligned and they are laid (), and whip finish. Couldn'e be simpler. This one is on a #16 B100.
I'd love to get hold of a blue and yellow feather, as wound on the hook the blue and yellow mixed will produce........

Gwillym gave a good lesson in wing tying, this one is made with CDC for the wing post and dun hackle.

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