Monday, 26 October 2009

Alyn - for a change

A few hours this morning resulted in 12 (10 grayling 2 trout).
A fabulously warm morning but blowing. Shortline nymphing was the chsen method. Took 3 grayling up to 40cm from the run beneath the island, all taking a tung beaded brassie on the point.

Two more 35cm grayling took the same in the glide adjacent to the sheep paddock, interspersed with a couple of out of season trout and a couple of hand sized grayling. The smaller grayling and trout generally came to the olive ptn on a dropper.

Moved a way upstream with the intention to fish a known hole where a few decent grayling usually lie. However the low lying sun put me off as my shadow would make a more influential cast than my rod.
There is small pool just above that is normally quite unfishable when the trees are in full leaf, but today's winds appeared to have stripped the low hanging branches quite bare. Worth a drop. Flicked the brassie upstream, but it was not getting down quick enough. Changed to a 14 tungy hares ear, dropped in and whallop, another grayling 35cms+
Despite the wind making presentation tricky at times this was a great couple of hours. Twelve fish in all, 10 grayling of which half a dozen were at least 35cms and two trout that were released quickly. The forecast for the week is good, would be nice to sneak out

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