Thursday, 28 January 2010

Good value membership...

Just renewed my WAA memebership. Although a primarily a coarse water club, it has some fantastic fly fishing on some of its rivers for 40pa (joing fee is about 30+). If you live in the NW and don't want to travel too far into Wales for some good fishing, the club can offer a couple of miles on the best Alyn beats, the Dee at Shocklach and Worthenbry (opposite bank to much of Bangor on Dee waters) the River Dane and parts of the upper Severn. There are also some Severn tribs, a bit of the Wye and a piece of river in Derbyshire. Check out the website.
Personally I can't find better value for money, that involves less travel. I can hit the Alyn in 15mins.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

In reverse

Reverse para olives served me well during the early season evenings last year

Speedy Czechs

Concept of quick tying some Cz Nymphs.
Single layer of lead sheet underbody.
Main body Glo Brite floss, ribbed with copper.
Thorax hares ear topped with body stretch

These are super slim when views from above

Hey, don't forget to add nail hardener and colour to the backs of the Glo Brite

Prepping for a warmer month

#20 Shuttlecock

#18 SunFly variant with mole body

#16 Olive Para (Didn't realise I had put so much spider's thread down when tying off the hackle :-()

#16 Cul de Canon with corded rib

#14 Quil bodied Wally Winged Emerger