Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Duo float!

Tied a couple of these on a 12, inspired by Gwilym's buoyant indicator dries. Palmered as well as the parachute to hold plenty of Gink when supporting the rats


Quick trip to ithells Bridge on Sunday. Levels looked OK, probably up by 12" on normal winter levels. Dropped some bugs in the likely pools, but not a twitch.

Got startled by some real splashy commottion 10m below me where a cormorant surfaced and scarpered after seeing me. Perhaps they are there if the cormorants are attracted.

Found this dead salmon also:

Don't often see 'em this big

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Alyn recce

From the office window I could see that the Dee levels had dropped and was running clearer.

With that in mind a quick recce to the Alyn was called for this morning.

What a sight. The south bank field were flooded, not necessarily from the Alyn, but most probably from the Dee at Almere ferry. Looking at the river I felt the hoped for trip tomorrow would have to be cancelled. The river is clearing and dropping, but with the high banks in this area I felt it is too dangerous.

Nice view of Ithell's Bridge now the leaves have gone