Sunday, 20 September 2009

Back on the Alyn

Three hours this morning on the Alyn at Ithells Bridge. Managed to drop in 50yds or so below my usual entry point. The balsam is thinning out now so the bankside vegetation is less aggressive making water entry through the flood defenses easier. Started fishing the duo with a #16 olive paraloop emerger (see image) and an 18 copper head ptn on the point.

Picked up a couple of usual stamp grayling in the glide below the island. I moved upstream to the bottom end of the sheep run. This has been a profitable autumn run in previous seasons, and today was no exception. Managed to take about 10 grayling, majority to the copper head. Biggest fish below (must get a wider angle lens)

Things were looking promising as I approached the glide adjacent to the farm house, but bizarrely, one small grayling. This glide has been disappointing this year whereas last year it was the best all round run.

I quickly progressed to the bottom S bend upstreram of the bridge. The best fish of the day took the copper head in the slack water on the inside of the bend.

For the last half hour moved to the upstream S, and again the slack water produced. Felt like fishing a stick float upstream as a succession of four grayling in the 6oz range proceeded to slide the dry under as they took the copper head.

Finally tally approx 20 grayling upto the pound mark in barely 3 hours.

Man I love September

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