Sunday, 23 August 2009


Decided on a few hours on the Alyn this morning, starting at its confluence with the Dee. Once you're in here and moving upstream, it's pretty difficult to get out due to the flood defence banks and the balsam. (see pic on left. The Alyn is down there, honest)I haven't fished this far down this year so had no idea whether any deep holes would force me back.
Anyway, dropped in via the cow drink with my 7' 6" DT 4wt. Tied a 16 brown paraloop emerger thingy of my own concoction on to the 1.7 Bayer tippet. (I do like mono in low BS, extra stretch when needed). Two fish rose about 10m up whilst I was degreasing. Covered the first rise and rewarded with 25cm grayling first chuck. Two casts and two paces later and another grayling of about the same size to hand.
On working my way upstream, was now surprised at the lack of rises. Although speculative casting was always bringing the odd salmon parr and small grayling. This was the story of the day really. Picking up grayling around the 15cm mark regular enough to stay interested.
After negotiating a couple of deep holes, passing by climbing through the low slung willows that create these holes, emerged adjacent to my normal river entry point. I fished the last hour quickly through some known lies. Didn't move anything bigger than 20cm (grayling).
Probably finished with around a dozen small grayling, 3 or 4 small browns and maybe 6 0r 7 salmon parr.

A very bright and clear morning, but the quietest I've seen the river this season. I think some evening sessions are due

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