Monday, 14 March 2011

Underwater snag conspiracy

A Sunday morning grueller on the Alyn from Llay Road bridge...covered a section and half of our river before sight or sound of anything fishy. In the meantime, I've never lost so may nymphs on underwater snags. Off the record of course, but stealthily placed traps by the dry fly only brigade?
Any way, still raining when I arrived with the overnight drizzle adding a tinge of colour. Olives were coming off sporadically all morning and thankfully after a noticed increase in activity a rise was spotted adjacent to the stile between the corn and sewage fields. Mental note of position, as it looked 30 or so metres away. Tenkara'd (new verb there) the spot with a beaded nymph and a Partridge and Orange (well waxed amber actually), a twitch and miss first flick, then second flick the same again on the drop and a lively 6" brown succumbed to the spider. It was now 11.30ish and I had been on the river 3hrs.
An hour and many more lost flies later my second and last fish, an 8" brown, savagely took an olive biot nymph from the fast water running into the '...good place for Kingfisher's' pool.
This was a tough morning's fishing. Conditions were Ok although cold. I was of the impression that I had fished too early, family commitment dictated this. Also confirmed by the arrivall of Simon and Sonia confidently strolling in the sunshine over the Sewage Field. Not sure whether their confidence was justified; Sonia's forum entry implied lost flies and little activity...Simon did you fare any better?

So from the Grayling bonanza last week to the realities of early season brownie's. That's fishin'...

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