Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Grayling domination

The Grayling domination of the lower Alyn was confirmed on Sunday. An early morning jaunt to the Ithells bridge area resulted in around 30 of the ladies to 2 trout.
In the bright conditions pods of Grayling could be spotted in all the likely areas. You could alsmost walk on them. Apart from the two small trout I didn't conciously see anything other than Grayling. The outcomes of tossing a small beaded ptn and small spider pattern amongst them were mainly small fish throwing themselves at the offerings. Most of the fish were around the 15cm mark, I only captured three fish circa 30cm.
You know what though, this was really dull. If I had put silver paper on the hook I'm sure the small grayling would have snatched it.
I stopped a couple of hundred metres short of the Holt road bridge and called it a day (well, couple of hours anyway).
Looking forward to next Sunday on the Hadden Estate's waters on the Derbyshire Wye. That should be testing...

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