Monday 20 February 2012

Snow melt and kick sample

A rising and colouring River Alyn didn't look too promising for Sunday's piscatorial jaunt. Parked the car at Cook's Bridge and opted for the pool that yielded half a dozen Grayling last week.

Rising and colouring Alyn from Cook's Bridge

#10 Ryac and #14 pink tag to start

I flogged the lower of the two pools below the bridge with the above setup without tempting too much, in fact nothing. Upon working into the upper pool I lifted a small rock at my feet to enable an entymology inspection. Some small caseless caddis were found, pretty typical here.

Caseless caddis and similar sized imitation

A change to the top dropper with a small #14 Ryac imitation and bingo

Dividends of matching the food supply


  1. Well done with the Tenkara, how do you find the method?


    visit me sometime?

  2. Nice post Pedros - Could you give me a email on to discuss tenkara style? Id love to learn more.